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About Stavang Rorbuer

"The blue heart in the fjordland"

Meet Kristian-

Captain with his own shrimp trawler

Adventurer and storyteller

Host and acquaintance

 The Captain 

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

The sun, the rain and the wind. The sea, the soil and the forest. In our comfortable and exclusive cabins, you are surrounded by the vitality of nature. Old gates beg both houses and stories. The wood shines brightly in the light from sky and sea as far as you can see. Mountains and islands show the way in all the blue. This is how you find your way to Stavang, like fjord people and sea people before you.

By car: by road from Florø: 45 minutes | By road from Førde: 45 minutes 

Shuttle boat: Florø | Veiesund | Askrova | Staff | Swan Island

Own boat: guest jetty

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

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