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Activities in Stavang

"The blue heart in the fjordland"

Time is waiting for you, out here. Under the wide sky, over the shiny sea, there are tracks to follow. Mountains and islands show the way in all the blue. Ten thousand-year-old tracks along the road that have left traces in you as you drive.

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Fishing experiences

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Trips at sea with your own boat

Our country has the world's longest coastline. It has always been used to sail safely along our coast. That is why, from time immemorial, it has also been to drive lost nests. The assignment is already mentioned in Magnus Lagabøte's land law at the end of the 13th century. In Stavang, your own pilot awaits for the days by the sea. Kristian Grov is a knowledgeable and dedicated guide to everything from local cultural history to secret fishing spots.


On the green saga island of Kinn, the first humans made landfall after the last ice age. The towering Kinnaklova has been a sailing mark for seafaring people at all times. Once Saint Sunniva came from Ireland  ashore on the Island. Kinn church from 1150 tells about Sunniva's time on the island. The church is one of our oldest stone churches and a destination for pilgrims to this day.


Every year, theater Vestland and people from the coast perform the historical play "The Song of the Great Deep" about Sunniva, the church and the people by the seashore at Kinn.


-Go to Kinn and get rich, people could say to each other for centuries before our own. The area around the island was for a long time the largest herring field in Norway.


Highlight: Kinnaklova | Hiking trails | The cheek game in June | Guida tour | Local boat with "ring stop".

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

At sea with shrimp trawler "MS Nytraal"

At the quay in Stavang there is also a klenodium of a shrimp trawler with a long time at sea. Kristian Grov is happy to put on the captain's hat and take you and yours out to sea between islets and shoals.


Back at the quay in Stavang, the long table can be set with day-fresh seafood in the sunset. The meaning of life is to create good memories for each other, it is said. An evening under the stars on board the venerable boat will shine in the memory book for a long time.


MS Nytraal can also be hired at the quay, as a setting for a distinctive seafood experience for your company or event.

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Mackerel sturgeon fishing

The mackerel sturgeon is the largest tuna species, and they can weigh up to 500 kg. She thrives in the sea outside Stavang, and here we have among the world's largest stocks. 

RIB trip to Alden

From the quay in Stavang, you can be picked up in a RIB that will take you lightning fast across the sea to Alden. Here you can dive up the Alden while the RIB is waiting for you to dive down in the fjord. Read more about the trip to the top of Aldenhere.

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Island hopping

by taxiboat or ferry

Batalden | Fanøy | Kinn | Svanøy | Skorpa | Rekstad   

  • Fresh, local delicacies from the sea - Agreement with Kristian for delivery 

  • Excursion to Florø. Discover gastronomy in the coastal town

  • Visit Kinn Brewery - Link 

  • Guided tour/hike on Svanøy - Link

  • Bathing beach in Eikefjorden - Link 

  • Courses and joint trips with sea kayaking with "Kayaking in Florø" - Link 

  • The local store Stavang Landhandel - Link 

  • Stavang cultural cafe - opens its doors in spring 2024 

  • Rent a boat with your own captain for a blue cruise, company trip or family trip - Link 

  • Stavang Meeting place and Pub - premises that can be rented for meetings and your own local pub 

  • Join an organized trip with DNT - Flora tour team - Link 

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord


Svanøy lies like a queen between the islands in the archipelago outside Stavang. Ever since the Viking Age, the island has been a hub for shipping along the coast. At Svanøy Hovudgård, both nobles, civil servants and clergymen have had their seats.  The large white main house still stands majestically in all its glory in the middle of the island, surrounded by roses and ivy as if in a fairy tale.


The island has a scheduled port of call, guest harbour, tavern and general store. At Svanøy Handel you can buy local food from Svanøy Røykeri and Norsk Hjortesenter, get free hiking maps and rent bicycles. Cycling around the island offers many exciting stops:


Highlight: Svanøy Hovedgård | North Sea Trail | Norwegian Deer Center | Svanøy Trade | Svanøy Smokehouse

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Kristian's best tips

Round trip on Stavøya: North Sea trail to Skarnipa and Humrevika potholes

When the ice melted and the land rose, the meltwater shaped the fjord landscape as we know it. Deep in the forests, however, there are traces of the ice age that we rarely see. If you walk the Nordsjøløypa around Stavøya, you can follow the path into the forest to the troll potholes in Humrevika before you go to the top of Skaranipa. A beautiful panoramic view of the archipelago awaits here: Svanøy, Tviberg, Alden and Askrova glitter in the sea around you.

With many treasures to discover along the way in varied terrain, this is a family-friendly tour.

You can start the tour from the old school house, which is now Grendahus, or from Langøykrysset, a forest road further out on the island. The paths are well marked all the way.

Round trip Skålefjell and Hornfjellet

From the top of Skålefjell, 765 m above sea level, you can enjoy the view both inwards towards the Førdefjorden and outwards towards the islands in the west and the Høydalsfjorden.


The round trip starts at "Vetleplassen": A large car park on the left side of the road just before Stavang, when you come from Eikefjord. The marked path runs through varied terrain and is sometimes hilly. The landscape changes in step with the altitude and the view is breathtaking.


This is a trip that is suitable for those who have basic hiking skills

and is in normal physical shape.


For detailed information and tour map -


About the trip:

Moderately demanding tour | 10.8 km | 6 hours | 1218 meters of altitude in total | Season: June - Oct

Ausevika Rock carving field

Experience one of the largest rock carving fields in Norway!

The field shows over 300 carvings, both animal and human figures, geometric signs, spirals and labyrinths. The oldest signs are over 3,000 years old.

Ausevika lies below Skålefjellet, which rises to the south at a height of around 800 m. This mountain forms the end of a mountain area that stretches all the way to Jotunheimen.


Here there is a car park, sanitary facilities and public ramps with information signs.

About the tour: Distance from Stavang Rorbuer 7 km |



Short top hike in a pine forest with a view to the islands west and south of Florø city.

If you are coming from Stavang, there are two small car parks/exit on the right-hand side after the narrow turn out for Stavvika, you will find a sign with parking. Please note, do not close for inbound and outbound driving! Cross the main road and follow the tractor road westwards for about 50 metres, then the path will come into view on the left. There are signs pointing to "Staviknipa" and the path starts steeply upwards. It's a nice walk in the pine forest all the way up to Stavvikenipa, 241 m above sea level. Some wet parts.

Note: Do not go beyond the cairn at the top, it is high down and cracks in the rock!


About the trip:

Moderately demanding tour | 1.5 km | 45 min | 274 height meters in total | Season: all year round

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord

Boat hire with fishing equipment and own mooring area

There are 4 boats for hire in our own quay right by Stavang Rorbuer, all equipped with life jackets and fishing equipment. Own storage space and freezers with plenty of space for the day's catch included. Kristian answers big and small before they set off on a fishing trip. Get in touch to book a boat

Photo: Visit FjordKysten and Sunnfjord


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