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"Unique experiences in unique 
cultural-historical buildings"

Unique experiences

Welcome to Stavang Rorbuer. Here you can rent rowboats in a cozy sea house environment. Stavang is surrounded by beautiful archipelagos, with good sunny conditions and a fantastic sea view, between massive mountains and beautiful islands, south of the charming coastal town of Florø. Here there is a motorway all the way and close to Førde and Florø with only a 45-minute drive both ways.

4 overnight stays


Accommodation will come.



Accommodations are coming.



Cultural historical buildings

The rorbuen at Flyten in Stavang have been there for several hundred years, and here the fisherman farmer had his salt buoy, seine buoy and his shark. All life revolved around the bows and farms, fishing, agriculture and forest.  Madstunbua from the end of the 18th century, also has reused building parts from the 17th century.

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Beautiful island groups, good sunny conditions and fantastic sea views

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