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General terms and conditions (from and including 05.09.2022)

1. Boat rental

The following rental conditions apply to all motorboats from the company Fjord Tourist as (hereinafter referred to as "lessor"):

en. In case of grossly negligent behaviour, negligent driving, especially under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the boat will be confiscated without claim for reimbursement.

B. Any type of damage must be reported to the landlord immediately. 

C. Lessor is responsible for safety and technical perfect condition of the boats. Possible damages (including salvage costs during the rental period. Appropriate insurance cover)  The personal contribution (deductible) is NOK 12,000 and must be paid in full on the spot by the person who caused the damage if the damage goes beyond this. Damages under NOK 12,000 , - is also settled on the spot after an expert assessment of the extent of the damage or - as far as possible - the actual repair costs.

On the day of arrival, additional insurance can be taken out on the spot to reduce the excess to NOK 3,000. The price for this is NOK 200 per rental day 

i.e. If the tenant or one of the occupants of the rented boat causes damage, he undertakes to replace it. This also includes damage above or below the waterline as well as the engine, propeller or equipment. In individual cases, any damage may not be covered by the insurance, for example damage caused by incorrect filling or gross negligence, especially all damage caused by the influence of alcohol. Any claims from the hirer is excluded in the event of total failure and unusability of the boat caused by force majeure, a third party or the hirer himself.

E. The tenant is the boat driver, who is also responsible for all residents. It is only he who decides whether to drive or not._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_He must ensure that everyone in the boat wears suitable protective clothing, for example life jackets. He also declares that he can safely drive the rented boat according to instructions from the lessor and that he has familiarized himself with the operation of the safety-related aids, such as sonar, GPS and suitable sea charts before the journey starts.

F. The boat must only be occupied by the maximum number of people and the permitted total weight must not be exceeded.

G. No changes can be made to the boat.

H. Use of the boat for towing or salvage is not permitted. Exceptions are emergency situations. All people are obliged to help in an emergency !

I. Boats can only be parked in Stavang Harbour, in designated areas. Boats must not be pulled ashore under any circumstances.

J. The boats can only be used from sunrise to sunset. Other projects must be agreed in advance with the landlord.

K. In the harbor area it is safe to drive slowly and without waves! All danger points, flat zones and also buoys, fenders, nets or the like must always be avoided.

L. If the boat ordered by the guest is not in stock, the lessor has the right to offer another boat, which must not be below the one ordered in the price segment._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_If such a case occurs, no extra costs will be imposed on the guest, even if a significantly more expensive replacement boat is provided.

M. Boats will not be issued to tenants if the tenant has not reached the required age or cannot meet the requirement to drive a motorboat with a motorization of over 25 hp.

N. Jurisdiction for both parties is Førde/Sogn-og Fjordane


2. Reservation of an apartment and/or boat

If a reservation is made 6 months or more before the desired arrival date, the reservation period is a maximum of 2 weeks, by which time the order must be made.

In the period within 0 to 6 months before the desired arrival date, reservations can only be made. Reservations are no longer possible during this period.


3. Cancellation of holiday home and/or boat

If the guest cancels, the following costs may arise:

Up to 100 days before departure 20% of the total amount

From 99 to 70 days before departure 40% of the total amount

From 69 to 50 days before departure 50% of the total amount

From the 49th to the 35th day before the start of the journey, 70% of the total amount

From 34 to 4 days before departure 90% of the total amount

From the 3rd day before departure 100% of the total amount

In addition, cancellations and associated emergency refunds are possible in certain cases, which are determined by the landlord on a goodwill basis in the event of, for example, sudden unemployment, illness, death, etc.

Disclaimer/limitation of liability

Liability is waived in the event of force majeure, which we define as follows: Force majeure is unavoidable events such as war, natural disasters, strikes, etc. In such cases, the tenant is not entitled to any reimbursement.

Limitation of liability occurs in the event of an explosion, fire or natural disaster that renders the rented items unusable.

4. Cancellation by the lessor in the event of non-payment and/or delayed payment by the guest that was not agreed upon

In the event of non-payment or delay in payment that has not been agreed upon, the lessor may withdraw from the contract or order (order confirmation) without further notice. of the costs indicated under point 3. 

The legal process is excluded. Place of jurisdiction is 6800 Førde/Norway.


Fjord Tourist AS

Fishing Lodge Stavang Rorbuer

N-6944 Stavang

 Organisasjonsnr. NO 922 286 736 MVA 

 Phone 0047-911 33022

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