Holiday house on water

Modern apartment in rorbustil. Situated on the seafront of fjord and open sea at Stavfjorden in Stavang, Flora municipality.

There are two rorbu apartments, one is on the 1st floor, with a large bedroom, separate kitchen, living rom, bathroom with shower, and balconys ower the sea. The rorbu apartment on the 2nd floor is very well equipped with separate kitchen, living rom, sauna, large bathroom with shover, balconys just ower the sea, wireless internet, TV with 400 German / European / Norwegian channels and good standard of furniture. There are 2 beds that can be combined into a double bed in the bedroom, as well as a double sofa bed in the living room, total sleeping capacity for 4 people. The beds are of good quality.

Just outside of Rorbua there is immediate access to the pier, boat and covered fish filleting bench with ceilings, lights and water. Here you have all the possibilities to fish as you wish; deep sea fishing, fishing in the fjord or fishing in the river. There are also many swimming possibilities in the area. You can grill at the brewery area, where there is access to garden furniture and its own outside terrace with terrace heaters.

There are 3 boats for hire, specify which boat you want to rent. Boat number 1 is a 17 foot Hansvik with 25 HK Yamaha 4-stroke 5-inch chartplotter / GPS / echo sounder. 2 boats of type: Hobby 555 19-foot boats with 50 HK Suzuki 4-stroke engine, chartplotter / GPS / echo sounder, 8 pole holder (new in 2018)

Regatta life jackets and rod holders are included in the price when renting a boat. If you want a sea charter with the Goldfish Tender boat and with a personal guide, you can order it. This boat is basically for guided tours only. If you wish to rent a Snekke (old wooden Boat), this can be requested by ordering the rorbu apartment or in advance.

There is fishing lake (fresh water with trost) 2 km from the rorbu apartment and you can drive all the way. You can also buy fishing licenses and fishing in the nearby Svardalselva river. There is also a hiking trail and marked trail to Skålefjellet (964 moh). The trail is easy and fits all. The local shop is 150 meters in line from the rorbu apartment, with a good selection of food and fishing gear. Here you can also buy fuel for the boats directly at the floating dock below the shop.

Stavang has its own fishing gear shop with sale and rental of fishing gear, etc. on request. It is 15 min by boat or car for rock carvings along the lake. And 20-25 min by boat to Florø, where there is a large guest harbor you can have the boat lying while taking a trip in the city. Local Pubs at Svanøya 5-6 min by boat or island Askrova 10 min by boat.

The area for sea fishing outside Stavang is sunny, has little wind and rainfall. Mackerel and herring go straight past the house the rorbu apartment is located in, and into the bay where the small boats are exciting fishing possibilities. 20 m from the land you can fish flounder at 5-20 m depth. The area offers good fishing for Steinbit and Breiflabb. In the fall in September and October, you can light and catch the crab (catch method). You can drive the boat in a fjord all the way to Førde. It is 30 min by boat to the cod spawning field at Vevring, one of Norway’s great cod spawning grounds. Good sea fishing all year, often it is quiet at sea in the months of January, February, March and April, when the cod / skrei comes from the osean to reproduce offers adventurous fishing experiences